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Maintaining your newly purchased mattress protected is essential, if you wish to get the maximum benefit out of it and keep it looking clean and fresh. It doesn’t really matter who the mattress will belong to, the main thing to keep in mind is whether the mattress will belong to an adult or a child, buying a waterproof mattress protector solves the problem of a variety of unwanted mess. After spending a lot of money on your newly purchased mattress, probably you will view it as an asset that requires protection from daily wear and tear, regardless of your age.

waterproof mattress protector 2
waterproof mattress protector 3This waterproof mattress cover combines the comfort and luxury of an amazing overfilled mattress pad, with the protection of a waterproof and dust mite resistant mattress protector.

The beautiful 600 thread count cotton damask stripe surface is box stitched and overfilled with gelled microfiber for a featherbed effect. Underneath, a polyurethane layer prevents liquid, allergens and dust mites from passing through, while maintaining a high level of airflow for maximized breathability and circulation. The filling has a noticeable cooling effect as it separates your body further from the mattress, allowing air to pass through.

Every night your body sheds millions of skin flakes and loses up to one liter of body fluid through your skin pores and mouth. Up to 2 million dust mites can live in your unprotected mattress. Dust mites survive on dead skin cells and bodily fluids. Allergic reactions are caused by the waste and skin these dust mites leave behind. Exposure to dust mites has been proven to lead to the development of asthma in young children. Allergens produced by dust mites are the most common trigger for asthmatics. Dust mites have been shown to be a leading cause of eczema.

The Naturpedic Organic Cotton No-Compromise Waterproof Mattress Pad (with straps) is soft and breathable providing a comfortable barrier that blocks dust-mites and other allergens. The top and bottom layers are 100% cotton fabric. The ultra-thin waterproof membrane in the center features DrySleep technology, which effectively blocks liquids from passing through while still allowing the fabric to breathe. Some water vapor is allowed to escape resulting in a drier, more comfortable sleep. It is

  • Waterproof
  • Soft
  • Breathable
  • 100% Cotton fabric
  • Ultra-thin waterproof membrane in the center
  • Two layers of certified organic cotton flannel – top and bottom.
  • Corner elastic straps hold pad securely in place (latex free).
  • Highly absorptive and extra soft, plus it is machine washable.
  • Safe hypoallergenic design free from harmful chemicals.

Waterproof mattress protectors are popular in lots of homes today when it comes to preventing allergies, dust mites, and also bedbugs.  If you are dealing with bed bugs, you are maybe wondering if those inexpensive zippered mattress covers will work to maintain the bed bugs out.  Since this appears to be a common question for people searching for mattress encasements, we should look at a few popular products on the market to see how well they work.

Find out more about waterproof mattress protectors here. Enjoy!

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